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Don´t get fooled when booking your theory or driving test

Don´t get scammed! book your theory or driving test in Barnehurst on the .gov site

Unfortunately we are seeing an ever increasing number of learner drivers who are falling for services that charge an additional fee to book a theory or practical driving test when both can be done very easily and FOR FREE (i.e. for just the test fee itself).

While there is a call for these sites to be forced offline, they are still operating you just need to make sure you do not waste your money by using such a service.

Although such services will argue, and quite rightly, that no business can operate without making a profit, their sites will try and convince you that you are dealing directly with the DVSA and the additional fees are unavoidable. This is simply not the case!

If you are already learning with Gravy Driving School then we will advise about booking your test when appropriate but even if you aren´t, if you, or anyone you know is looking to book a theory or practical driving test, we urge you not to be fooled and waste money on a service that you get for free.

It really is very straight forward! Use these links to go to the official .gov site to book

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Sam (Petts Wood)
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Sam (Petts Wood)

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